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Research, research, research! Do your homework, calculate the numbers, plan the plan, and prepare a well-rounded strategy for your trades. Hone your skills, methodology and technique based on a well-defined foundation instead of an on-the-whim strategy. Money is not a fool’s game, so you can’t blame your dog on this one.


Once you have a plan of action, get in on the fun. But beware, it can be stressful. Watch your strategies play out in real time and adjust your positions as necessary as the real world kicks into gear. This is where all your preparation and research is put to use. If you prepared and strategized well, then you should see positive returns with your good habits.


Track your performance with various metrics to determine which strategies and methodologies work for you. Everyone has different limits and perspectives on the stock market, so a tailored technique will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. We learn from our mistakes, but we also learn from our successes. Take the time to optimize your game and the reward is all yours.